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Bonifay, Florida January 23, 2004 - The Stocker Wobbler makes it easy to rig baitfish for trolling in saltwater and freshwater.

Simply lift the metal point, insert it in the baits mouth, slide the bait forward, release it and youre done.
This all-metal rig is crafted of top-quality spring and stainless steel, copper and brass. The interchangeable brass or plastic bill ensures that the bait remains horizontal while trolling and provides a lifelike swimming action. The hooks can be inserted in the bait or left hanging, and the bill can also be tweaked to reach different depths. And yes, the rig can be used with a downrigger. For best results troll at low speed and use live, dead, frozen baitfish of more or less the same length as the rig itself.

Rieger Lesiow wrote: I have yet to find a rig that consistently produces more big fish than the Stocker Wobbler. It is out-fishing any trolling lure I have ever used or competed against.

The Stocker Wobbler is mainly handcrafted and comes in four sizes; Size #0 (3 in. ⅓ oz), Size #1 (3⅝ in. oz), Size #2 (5⅛ in. oz), Size #3 (8 in. 1 oz). Size #0 and #1 have two treble hooks, size #2 and #3 have three treble hooks. The rigs are packaged in attractive clamshells and are available at: www.stockerwobbler.com and at www.cabelas.com.

Stocker Wobbler Fishing Lures is a small home operated business in the Panhandle of Florida, USA and Stocker Wobbler is a registered trade mark. The owners, originally from Switzerland, started to sell the rigs 1986 in Battle Creek, Michigan and moved 1992 to Bonifay, Florida.

Hansjoerg Kaempf
Stocker Wobbler Fishing Lures
Phone/Fax: 850-547-5207


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