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Doug Hannon "The Bass Professor" and Natural Motion Lures, Inc. Announce Nationwide Kickoff of the $125,000 Trophy Bass Challenge

All Fishermen nationwide, amateur or pro, have the opportunity to win 2 major cash prizes during The Bass Professor, Doug Hannon's Trophy Bass Challenge from May 1-October 31st 2004. $100,000 prize for the first new state record Largemouth Bass IGFA approved and caught on The Original Fishing Snake. $25,000 to the largest Largemouth Bass caught and approved regardless if a state record or not during the 6 month Trophy Bass Challenge, caught on The Original Fishing Snake.

April 19, 2004 -- Any U.S. pro or amateur angler Nationwide has the opportunity beginning May 1st through October 31st 2004 to win $125,000 in "The Bass Professor's $125,000 Trophy Bass Challenge." Doug Hannon and Natural Motion Lures, Inc. will award $100,000 to the first IGFA approved state record Largemouth Bass caught on the Original Fishing Snake, during this event. An additional guaranteed $25,000 prize will be awarded to the angler who catches the largest recognized largemouth bass on The Original Fishing Snake during the Trophy Bass Challenge.

According to Hannon, the $100,000 prize levels the playing "Waters" nationwide as a state record Largemouth Bass in Pennsylvania, Ohio, or Minnesota certainly would not approach the weight of the state records and typical trophy fish caught in California, Florida, or Texas.

With 2.5 years of research and development behind this product, it floats, coils and swims just like an 11" baby snake. Hannon calls the lure his "Ultimate Trophy Fish Weapon."

Photographs and reports of numerous and multiple species trophy fish including a 15.6,and 14.2lb Largemouth bass, an 8.5lb Smallmouth Bass, and most recently a huge 39lb Redfish have been submitted, but are not eligible for the Trophy Bass Challenge as the contest officially begins May 1st and is limited to Largemouth Bass only.

Retail outlets of the product can also share in the cash awards as the two top prizes earn the retailer $10,000 and $5,000 respectively.

Doug Hannon - The Bass Professor, a veteran of numerous outdoor television shows and ESPN outdoors regular, is considered by many to be the finest Trophy Bass angler in the world, having caught over 500 10lb plus Largemouth Bass.Ironically Doug has never fished in a Professional Tournament; however he felt that this event "allows all level of anglers to compete for big cash prizes, and will demonstrate that anyone can win". A noted conservationist, Doug stresses CPR-Catch Photograph and Release which is a requirement for this event. Natural Motion Lures, Inc. was founded by an avid group of "Trophy" fisherman who adopted the slogans "No Dinks Allowed" and "Catch the Biggest Fish of Your Life" after witnessing the real-life natural phenomena of a baby snake being engulfed on the surface of the water by a huge Largemouth Bass. Visit www.doughannon.com for more details.

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